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What is the difference between silver and tooth colored fillings? Which do you recommend?

dental tool completing white fillingWhile tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body, it is still not immune to damage. Consuming sugar fuels the bacteria that live in your mouth. The bacteria then produce acid as a byproduct. It is the acid that erodes your enamel and causes tooth decay. Your Boise dentist removes the damaged area from your tooth, leaving you with a hole, called a cavity, to fill.

Removing the plaque buildup on your teeth that harbors bacteria can protect your teeth from cavities. However, if you do need a dental filling, we offer a couple of options.

Metal fillings are composed of several different metals, including silver, which creates a solid alloy upon mixing. These are excellent restorations that have stood the test of time, and we typically recommend them for molars that take the brunt of your chewing force. 

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Many people today prefer tooth-colored restorations for aesthetic reasons. Tooth-colored composite resin can be custom shaded to match your tooth so no one will notice your dental filling.

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At Ackerman Family Dentistry, we offer both varieties of filling materials as well as BPA-free composites. If it's time to choose a dental filling, Dr. Daniel or Dr. Robert will discuss your options with you so you can select the option that best fits your budget and your goals for your smile.

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