Emergency Dentist in Boise, ID

Tooth emergencies can be very disruptive to your life! They often occur at inconvenient times and cause a lot of discomfort in some cases.man holding jaw from a dental emergency

Fortunately, when you have an excellent dental team to rely on, you can rest assured that your tooth emergency will be handled promptly so you can get back to your normal activities. At Ackerman Family Dentistry, we leave availability in our schedule to accommodate emergency patients, and our convenient early morning and afternoon appointments make it easy for you to get the relief you need.

When to Contact Your Emergency Dentist in Boise

Sometimes patients are unsure if their problem is a true dental emergency. We encourage you to call us anyway. Our knowledgeable team can assess your situation over the phone and offer tips on how to handle your condition while determining if you need immediate attention.

Some tooth emergencies that require treatment as soon as possible are:

  • A knocked-out tooth: Contact your emergency dentist in Boise right away as we have a small window of time to save your tooth. Transport it carefully, keeping it moist with saliva or milk, or placing it back in its socket if possible.
  • A broken tooth: In this situation, a broken tooth can result in a dental infection, not to mention it can be embarrassing to look at. Bring as many pieces as you can to your dentist.
  • Lost or broken restorations: Do you have an old dental filling or crown that’s broken? Even if it’s not causing discomfort, it’s good to have it repaired to avoid further damage or a tooth infection.
  • Dental pain or a toothache: A toothache causing constant pain can be indicating an infection or abscess in your tooth. Contact your dentist right away to alleviate your discomfort and prevent the infection from progressing.

What Can I Expect from Emergency Dentistry in Boise?

illustrated tooth next to red emergency dental kitDr. Daniel and Dr. Robert are well-equipped to handle tooth emergencies in our Boise dental clinic, often more so than your local hospital. Always contact Ackerman Family Dentistry before heading to a hospital emergency room that may not be able to help you with your dental emergency.

Depending on your condition, there may be a few treatment procedures your dentist will recommend, such as:

  • Root canal treatment: This procedure alleviates tooth pain and eliminates infection while preserving your natural tooth structure.
  • Dental fillings: A filling or dental bonding may be able to restore a decayed, chipped, or broken tooth.
  • Tooth crowns: A crown restores a tooth that is past the point of what a filling can repair. It also strengthens a tooth after root canal treatment.

Whatever your treatment needs may be, you can rest assured that your emergency dentists located Boise, ID will ensure that you are comfortable throughout your procedure and will get you back on the path to wellness as soon as possible.

Contact Ackerman Family Dentistry at (208) 376-7954 for prompt emergency dental care.