Root Canal Treatment in Boise, ID

You might be surprised to learn that what you’ve heard in the past about root canals is probably inaccurate.woman with tooth pain holding jaw before root canal in Boise

Typically, when you hear stories about root canal treatment, they’re usually centered around discomfort. This is why root canals are often associated with pain. However, we believe it’s time that the truth be known that root canals are not the cause of your pain, but rather the relief for it.

It is actually a tooth infection that causes your pain, and believe it or not, a root canal in Boise, ID alleviates your discomfort. This procedure also eliminates your infection and may save your tooth from a potential extraction.

Why You Need a Root Canal in Boise, ID

When your tooth suffers from trauma, decay, or a fracture, it can damage the inner canal of your tooth and cause an infection. Because this canal is close to the nerve of your tooth, the infection can become extremely painful.

It’s important to note that a tooth infection doesn’t go away without treatment, so please don’t wait for it to get better on its own. If we don't treat the infected tooth, or the damage becomes too extensive, your tooth may need to be extracted. However, root canal treatment is often able to save a compromised tooth from an imminent extraction.

A dental infection can also spread to neighboring teeth and other critical areas of your body, where it could become life-threatening. So, it’s essential to be proactive and contact your Boise dentist as soon as your tooth begins causing you discomfort.

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

At Ackerman Family Dentistry, your comfort is our priority. Using the best dental anesthetics, our dentists will numb the area around your tooth to ensure you don’t feel anything during your procedure. Additionally, this also alleviates your pain.

Your Boise dentist uses special endodontic (root canal) tools that are electric and made from nickel-titanium, which is more flexible than stainless steel tools used in the past. These tools work faster to reach the inner canal of your tooth and remove diseased tissue more comfortably and effectively.

Woman smiling in dental chair after getting a root canal in boiseHow to Prevent a Root Canal

While some situations are out of your control, did you know that you can prevent many root canal procedures? It’s true! With consistent visits to Ackerman Family Dentistry for preventive cleanings and checkups every six months, you can stay on top of eliminating the plaque and bacteria that can cause painful tooth infections. This helps you avoid more complex treatment procedures like root canal therapy.

If it’s time for your next cleaning and checkup, or if you or a loved one is experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity, contact our Boise dental office today to schedule a dental appointment. We even treat dental emergencies.