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Modern dentistry has made many advances over the years in technology and techniques. Dr. Daniel and Dr. Robert are committed to providing not only the latest service procedures, but also to using updated equipment to ensure that you have the best experience possible each time you visit Ackerman Family Dentistry.

Here are some of the leading-edge technologies you'll find when you visit our Biose dental office.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are a vital tool for our dentists. These images give Dr. Daniel and Dr. Robert a clear picture of what's going on internally with your teeth so they can make a more accurate diagnosis as early as possible.

Patients often wonder if x-rays are safe. The answer is yes, and better yet, digital x-rays emit even less radiation (80 percent) than traditional films taken in the past. They are also safer for our environment since they require no harmful chemicals to develop.

Televisions in Treatment Rooms

Utilizing televisions in our treatment rooms provides two benefits for our dentists and our patients. First, they allow Dr. Daniel and Dr. Robert to share essential x-rays or photos of your teeth and mouth so you can discuss and select the right treatment procedures.

Next, they allow our patients to relax with their favorite movie or program during their treatment so they can feel more at ease.

The Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera is a pen-sized device that allows our dentists to take full-color pictures of your teeth and mouth. When you can see precisely what they see, you can make more educated decisions about the dental procedures that will best suit your needs.

Electric Handpieces

Electric handpieces make dental procedures more efficient so you can get back to your normal activities faster. They are also quieter with a lower vibration so you can feel more relaxed and at ease in the dental chair.

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To our valued patients, we wanted to communicate to you the efforts we have been making to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Our highest priority is the health and well being of our patients, employees, and our community, and it is with these priorities in mind that we have created several new protocols. In addition to our standard disinfection and sterilization, we will be doing the following:
  • We are screening patients over the phone for symptoms or exposure, taking patients' temperatures, and having patients use hand sanitizer upon entering the office.
  • We will be scheduling extra time for each appointment for thorough office sanitation and to promote proper social distancing.
  • We ask that patients use a pre-procedural rinse which will eliminate a majority of bacteria and viruses prior to treatment.
  • All public areas will be disinfected routinely throughout the day, and all surfaces are treated daily with a 24hr treatment that eliminates bacteria and enveloped viruses (such as COVID-19)
  • The air in treatment and hygiene rooms is being filtered with HEPA air filtration units throughout the day.
  • We are limiting the use of the waiting room to ensure proper social distancing and patients are welcome to wait in their car if they are more comfortable doing so.
  • All treatment providers will be wearing masks when interacting with patients.

We will continue to monitor the situation and adapt as needed, and we hope to keep everyone healthy and safe through this trying period, and moving forward.